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     Simon Zivny is a photographer based in Salt Lake City. Initially having studied and practiced other artistic mediums (music composition, painting, printmaking, and sculpture) in his home of Portland, Oregon, Zivny had only dabbled in photography before carrying a camera on his 2,650 mile walk from Mexico to Canada. The resulting photo journal from that trip (The Pacific Crest Trail in Pix; 2017: The Year of Fire and Ice) began what would become an obsession; now, he always has a camera with him.

     His work is primarily street photography, which is a category of photography involved in unmediated encounters and everyday life.  As photography becomes increasingly more posed and contrived in the era of social media, Zivny’s photographs of otherwise normal and unremarkable subjects bring a vivid and unique perspective to daily life.  He has described his process broadly as a game whose goal is to portray uncurated subjects – usually people – in a way that captures them truly as they are.

      Zivny’s photography has been featured in publications, showings, and projects by organizations such as The Washington Post, Voyage Utah Magazine, Utah Division of Arts & Museums, Acme Camera Company, and WorthlessStudios NYC.

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